Sderot mayor Alon Davidi
Sderot mayor Alon DavidiIsrael National News

Alon Davidi, the mayor of Sderot, joined a Cabinet meeting today that dealt with the establishment of a dedicated authority for rehabilitating southern Israel.

Davidi told Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Cabinet: "Make your first priority the destruction of Hamas. I represent the residents who want to return only when Hamas has been destroyed, and they no longer face a security threat. I meet them in their hotels, and that is the message I get from them is that despite the hardships of not living at home and having to learn in alternative institutions."

He also reminded them of the Cabinet meeting approximately seven months ago that approved measures to strengthen Sderot's civilian resilience, along with other towns around Gaza. "As far as I'm concerned, Sderot can be expanded to Beit Hanoun. I said it then as a joke and did not think it could come to pass. I say it now with renewed force, and such a thing is possible."

Davidi praised the actions of the authority for rehabilitating the region, Moshe Edri, the Prime Minister's Office's Chief of Staff, and the Prime Minister. "I support your statements about destroying Hamas. This is what must be done; there is no other choice."

He also addressed the question of finding the funding for such a program. "We expect that you will find the funds and that we will not have a situation where establishing such an authority comes at the cost of previous decisions about Sderot and the Gaza region that you have reaffirmed every two years. I pray and recite Psalms daily for you all to merit the wisdom and insight to go all the way, destroy Hamas, recover the hostages, and that our soldiers should return home safely."