In the last month, the Cypriot police arrested two Iranian citizens, who were suspected of working for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and of planning an attack against Israelis and Jews on the island, the Cypriot newspaper Kathimerini Cyprus reported.

According to the report, the suspicion is that the two were in the initial stages of gathering intelligence on potential Israeli targets, with the aim of carrying out an attack.

It was also reported that the arrest was made thanks to cooperation between the local intelligence services and "Western intelligence organizations."

This is the third time in the last two years that an Iranian terrorist attack on Jewish and Israeli targets in Cyprus has been thwarted. About six months ago, the state reported that the island's intelligence services, in cooperation with their colleagues from Israel and the United States, foiled an attack planned by the Iranians against Israeli targets.

The Cypriot intelligence services followed a terrorist cell for months and arrested its members during the final stages of the planning of an attack. This wa a network of terrorists that operated on the Turkish side of Cyprus in the north of the country and sent terrorists from there to the Greek side of the island.

In addition, two years ago, a man with a Russian passport was arrested in the country who was suspected of acting to harm Jews and Israelis in the country on behalf of the Revolutionary Guards.