IDF soldier in Judea and Samaria
IDF soldier in Judea and SamariaIDF Spokesperson

A security official speaking on condition of anonymity told Arutz Sheva-Israel National News that in recent weeks during operations to seek out wanted terrorists in Judea and Samaria, there has been a phenomenon that has not been seen in the past.

Wanted terrorists have been surrendering themselves to the IDF forces after witnessing the intense military activity in the villages and "refugee" camps.

According to the military, in the past, if troops would arrive at the home of a wanted terrorist and he was not there, the forces would work the next day or a few days later. Now, the situation has changed, and the terrorists are not only turning themselves in; according to the IDF's data, since the war began, many terrorists, especially those who belong to Hamas, have taken their operations down a gear and understand that the IDF has changed its modus operandi.

If, until a month ago, troops would come to one of the villages or "refugee" camps and would return fire after being attacked with explosives, today, according to the Division Commander's orders, there is zero tolerance. Even if a rock is thrown, the troops respond with full force. This is due to an understanding that the IDF has had enough of tolerating the riots and is working to eliminate them be they begin.

The IDF recently began tightening the roadblocks around Shechem (Nablus), and this comes from an understanding that what happened at the Gaza border can happen in Judea and Samaria. The order is to restore the feeling of security in the area.

Since the war began, 300 offensive operations have been carried out in the Samaria sector alone, with the demolition of the homes of four terrorists, the arrests of a terror cell that carried out many attacks, and the arrest of a terror cell that threw an explosive device at a group of Egoz soldiers at Joseph's Tomb. In total, 211 wanted terrorists were arrested in the sector, lathes were confiscated, and brigade operations were held both in Balata and in Askar.