Prime Minister Netanyahu during the situational assessment in northern Israel
Prime Minister Netanyahu during the situational assessment in northern IsraelAmos Ben Gershom/GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi held a situational assessment at the IDF Northern Command.

The situational assessment was attended by Northern Command Commander Maj. Gen. Ori Gordin, command staff officers, and division commanders. During the assessment, they reviewed the IDF's activities on the northern front and the intelligence and regional situation.

Later, the Prime Minister visited an artillery battery in the Upper Galilee with Northern Command Commander Maj. Gen. Ori Gordin, where he spoke with infantry and artillery reservists who, in the past two months, have been serving on the front lines on the border with Lebanon.

Netanyahu was told about the soldiers' activities in the area and their willingness to continue working for the security of Israel.

"I am here with reservists who are displaying a great spirit of willingness for battle, to finish the job, to restore security - not only for the south but for the north as well. That is our commitment," the Prime Minister told the soldiers.

"Tonight, you will light the Hanukkah candles. During the days of battle, this candle still spreads light, even through the sorrow for our sons and daughters who fell, for the hostages who have yet to return, we will bring them back, for the wounded who are suffering, and for the civilians who also fell in courageous battles.

But I am impressed by the strong spirit here. You expressed it, and I want you to know it obliges us. The nation is proud of you," he added.

"I suggest that our enemies also pay attention to this spirit because if Hezbollah chooses to launch an all-out war with its own hands, it will turn Beirut and south Lebanon, not far from here, into Gaza and Khan Yunis. We are determined to achieve victory; we will do so with your help," Netanyahu concluded.