The Galaxy Leader
The Galaxy LeaderUruguay Port Authority

The Galaxy Leader cargo ship, which was seized by the Iran-backed Houthi rebel group last month, has become a tourist attraction for locals who tour it, al-Arabiya reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, the Houthis welcome the visitors who reach the ship, which sits of the coast of the Red Sea port of al-Salif, by small fishing boats.

The rebels only allow the tourists to tour the ship’s deck, where they trample on US and Israeli flags stretched on the deck’s floor and take selfies.

The Houthis also play moral songs from loudspeakers mounted on the craft's towers.

Houthi media officer Sameer al-Rabit said the ship has turned into a tourist attraction.

The crew of the Galaxy Leader have been allowed “modest contact” with their families while various countries push for their release, the vessel’s owner said this week.

The Galaxy Leader was hijacked last month by the militant rebels who claimed it was an "Israeli-linked" ship. It was later clarified that the ship was under British ownership, was managed by a Japanese company, and had no Israeli citizens on board.