'Protecting Israel Together'
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Project "Protecting Israel Together" provided dozens of "RONI" gun stabilizers last week in Judea and Samaria to improve security and assist the war effort of the rapid response teams to protect the communities. RONI is a stabilization adapter that is mounted on Glock pistols and turns short-barreled guns into long-barreled weapons, thus improving range and accuracy and aiding in combat when necessary.

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The project was launched following the lessons learned from the Simchat Torah massacre, during which many communities in the Gaza Strip were unable to defend themselves due to a lack of long-barreled weapons. "RONI" is an Israeli invention, and it is a tool that turns any short weapon into a type of long weapon and improves combat ability. The initiative was launched thanks to a donation from Project "Protecting Israel Together".

The head of the Binyamin Regional Council, Israel Ganz, thanked Project "Protecting Israel Together" for distributing the RONIs and said that the tools will be distributed to educational institutions in the council so that every guard who receives the RONI can be upgraded and provide maximum security for the educational institution where he works. In addition, as part of the project, dozens of RONIs were distributed to rapid response teams in Judea and Samaria.

Berle Crombie, who is behind Project "Protecting Israel Together", said that the distribution of the RONI is being carried out as part of the preparation to aid the rapid response teams in Judea and Samaria and in hundreds of other communities throughout the country that are in danger zones and close to the borders.

Crombie said that the project is intended to raise funds so that the scenes of the massacre will not be repeated in any community merely due to the lack of funding for a rapid response team. "We are working around the clock to try to provide military equipment for the rapid response teams in all the communities that are currently in a state of combat or risk. It is our duty that, God forbid, the terrible scenes we saw from the massacre in the Gaza Envelope on Simchat Torah will not happen again. We discovered that where there were communities that had high-quality rapid response teams with adequate military equipment, forces were able to protect the communities and kibbutzim, but unfortunately, communities that were not prepared were massacred and slaughtered women and children together. Therefore, it is our duty to do everything we can so that these shocking scenes will never return. It simply must not happen again."

Be a partner in donating to the aid project for the rapid response teams.