The 98th Division, which includes the Commando Brigade and additional special forces, began over the past day a combined offensive on the Khan Yunis region against the center of gravity of the Hamas terror organization.

Within a few hours, the division's troops broke through the Khan Yunis Brigade's lines of defense, surrounded the city, and, for the first time, began maneuvering in the heart of the region.

Since the beginning of the attack, the troops have eliminated many terrorists in confrontations and through airstrikes, and they located approximately 30 tunnel shafts and destroyed them.

The IDF says that the forces that launched the divisional offensive struck many terror targets in the region. They raided a Hamas battalion installation and located arms and intelligence findings.

The Commando Brigade and the Givati Brigade reached the center of Khan Yunis and began targeted raids in the heart of the city. The troops eliminated terrorists, destroyed terrorist infrastructure, and located weapons. In addition, terror targets were struck, among them an arms depot that was in a mosque.

The Khan Yunis Battalion is one of the two dominant Hamas battalions. The city of Khan Yunis is the terror organization's center of gravity and is seen as a military and government symbol. The entire Hamas leadership, both political and military, including Yahya Sinwar, grew up in the Khan Yunis region. Now, the city is surrounded by the 98th Division.