MG Yaniv Asur
MG Yaniv AsurIDF Spokesperson

The head of the IDF Manpower Directorate, Major-General Yaniv Asor announced in a letter to IDF reservists today (Wednesday) that a portion of the soldiers who have taken part in the battles with Hamas terrorists in Gaza will soon be released from their reserve duty and allowed to return to their homes.

"Subject to developments in the war, the IDF strives to create continuity in the operational effort, to preserve the resilience and freshness of the forces," Asor wrote, noting that the move is being undertaken "with the understanding that in the coming year, we will need a large number of reservists, and also in order to move the wheels of Israeli economy as much as possible."

He added, "We are starting the process of releasing and refreshing some of the forces and units. We know you don't want to leave before the mission is finished, but we will call you up again, this is a long war."

According to him, "We will make an effort to create certainty in the realm of uncertainty in order to find the necessary balance between your personal and private lives, and the needs of the army and the State. We will continue to work to strengthen our recognition, reward, and support for you and your families. If this is required - we will know how to call you and activate you immediately, with full faith and confidence that you will again be ready to report for duty."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the family members, employers, friends, and the community who supported and continue to support you in carrying this burden", Asor concluded.