Glick awarding Arab who saved Jewish couple
Glick awarding Arab who saved Jewish coupleShai Glick

Shamai (Shai) Glick is founder of Betsalmo, an organiztion which fights for human rights in the spirit of Judaism.

The radical leftist newspaper Haaretz once described me as an activist "who has managed to bring about the censorship of films, boycotts of organizations and the closure of institutions that he finds unpatriotically left-wing." They may or may not have meant that as a compliment, but in this article, I am going to give you a taste of how you can augment the work done by the Betsalmo organization I founded.

In every arena where incitement, encouragement of terrorism, hatred, hurting public sentiment and concealing information takes place, we are there to fight it

The following is an examplle of the opening sentences of letters Betsalmo has sent to organizations and personalities who, since the start of the Swords of Iron War, crossed the line from criticism of Israel to anti-Semitism, from reporting news to creating it, from free speech to defense of the indefensible.


80 years ago, the Jewish people suffered a horrific attempt at genocide. In Germany, a mad leader named Hitler arose and decided to exterminate the entire Jewish people. He took a globe and marked it with how many Jews there are in each country Then he began to act. He murdered over six million Jewish people and millions more of the disabled, Gypsies, Poles and others.

The entire world was silent and did nothing to stop this horrible genocide, although the West did unite to fight Hitler's plan to conquer the world. And then the world swore "never again."

But on October 7th, 2023, the world did not keep its word.

Hamas terrorists invaded Jewish communities in southern Israel. The terrorists murdered, raped, gang raped and mutilated bodies, committing undeniable war crimes and crimes against humanity. They had planned genocide, but were stopped by heroic individual civilians, police and soldiers who held out until the IDF arrived, but not before they desecrated those killed, gouged out people's eyes, decapitated and burned infants and adults alive.

They destroyed families and decimated communities out of pure evil and hatred. This was not a war, but an indescribably evil attack against every law of civilization and every just moral standard.

Think about it. When there are nine Nazis and a guest in the room and the Nazis gloat about their plans and express pride in their deeds, but the guest is silent, praises them or blames their victims, there are actually ten Nazis in the room

The Jewish people will rise from their grief and win this war, with God's help, but in their name and in the name of the 1400 massacred on October 7th, I can only say that you should be ashamed.

Each letter begins with a version of the above introduction and is followed by a paragraph denoting the specific reason the letter is being sent. Here are some examples out of many:

1.Washington University, St. Louis:

Introductory words, and then:

I was amazed to see that you have as faculty member Associate Professor Bret Gustafson, who said that setting off gas canisters outside the homes of Jews is "pretty cool." LAPD are investigating it as a possible hate crime. Are Jewish students safe in his classroom? Cracking jokes about the murder of six million Jews is not acceptable in academia. We demand his dismissal.

.2.The Stockholm Film Festival

Your actions against the pro- Israel artist whose participation in the festival was cancelled are a callout that terrorists have the right to exist but Israel does not.

Shame on you for your choice to stand with Hamas, a terror organization which launches missiles against Israeli civilians and uses hospitals as its terror headquarters.

We condemn your hypocrisy and your moral values. Shame on you for not condemning Hamas war crimes and atrocities. We demand that you immediately to re invite Aliza.

(Note: Aliza was reinvited, but the festival expected her to pay for her own ticket.)

3. Reuters:

My name is Moshe Chen, I was a policeman for 37 years in the Israel Police force.

On Oct. 11, 2015, while patrolling on duty, I saw a car zigzagging down the road. I moved closer and tried to speak to the driver. I thought she needed medical help. As I leaned towards her, she pressed a switch which detonated an explosive device and a number of gas canisters that she was holding exploded. The explosion severely injured both of us.

The terrorist, Israa Jaabis, never apologized. I had to undergo dozens of operations until I overcame my injuries and insisted on continuing to serve in the Israel Police and saving human lives, completing 37 years of service.

Last week my feelings were divided. On the one hand I really wanted the release of the children and the hostages but it was hard for me to know that the terrorist who tried to take the lives of dozens of people would be released. Then I discovered to my astonishment that Reuters chose to use a split screen whose message was equating the release of that convicted terrorist and the release of an innocent child hostage kidnapped by terrorists.

On the left, 9-year-old Eamily Hand was shown reunited with her father after she was kidnapped by Hamas. On the right, Israa Jaabis, a convicted Palestinian terrorist, was welcomed by her family.

Why did Reuters create a moral equality between the two? How is it possible that the terrorist who tried to murder hundreds of people and seriously injured me, was tried in court and sentenced to prison, is compared to a 9-year-old girl who did nothing wrong and was kidnapped in what is a war crime?

This is moral failure of the first degree I urge you to apologize and remove the offensive split-screen video

Moshe Chen, Israel

(Response: Split screen was removed)

4.Stephen van Rooyen, CEO Sky UK & Ireland, CCO Sky Group

I was amazed to see that your employee, instead of expressing criticism of Hamas, which kidnapped and holds babies, women, children, and the elderly, tried to claim that Israel feels Palestinian Arab lives are not important because the State of Israel frees 150 terrorists for 50 Israelis. That is probably one of the most idiotic ever efforts in the unending attempt to find fault with everything Israel does.

5. Professor Dame Sally Mapstone Principal of the University of St Andrews

Your Rector Stella Maris, who was elected to the role last month, in an email to students discussing the war, has written an inflammatory and divisive official letter to all students calling Israel genocidal but failing to mention the two Jewish students who were victims of physical violence including ripping off a necklace and egg throwing

Not only does she ignore the horrific massacre of the Jewish people in Israel, she ignores the attempted murder of Jews on campus. Is the blood of Jews worthless in her eyes?

(Response: Professor Dame Sally Mapstone, vice-chancellor, said St Andrews was committed to free speech but there was "no place for antisemitism, Islamophobia, or racism of any kind". She said: "We are utterly dismayed that the rector, on this occasion, put her right to freedom of expression ahead of her duty to represent all students, and to be concerned for their welfare.")

6. The World Health Organization.

Every doctor takes the oath of office. You and your organization have betrayed this oath. During the horrific massacre, Hamas murdered the ill inside clinics, killed doctors, blew up ambulances. Hamas kidnapped the sick and elderly, including an allergic child who needed an inhaler, did not give them medication. Hamas uses hospitals as terrorist headquarters. And you are silent.

In fact, you are not silent, you are busy attacking the State of Israel. Shame on you.

7. United Airlines

I was amazed to see your pilot Ibrahim R Mossallam who stated on an October 7th Facebook post the massacre in Israel that left 1400 people dead, women raped, and babies burned alive was "resistance by brave people." This is abhorrent. How can Jewish passengers feel safe with this man flying their plane?

8. NBC:

There is a regular freelancer who has been working with you for a long time named Marwat El Gaza. On October 7, she published posts on Facebook on her personal account, which are suspected of supporting Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel. She referred to the kidnapping of an old woman from the Gaza Envelope and wrote: "How am I dying, black comedy, the old woman is happy, before she dies." In another publication she wrote: "Alarms all the time, the Jews are hiding and the Arabs are drinking coffee on the balcony." In another post she wrote: "I feel like I'm watching a movie where the director is Palestinian and the heroes are from

You must publicly announce that you will never work with her! I will emphasize and say that she was arrested in Israel on serious suspicions of supporting terrorism and the court extended her detention. In any case, she does not deny her words and claims that mocking the murder of Jews is freedom of expression. Are these the codes in your company? that mocking the murder of Jews is part of freedom of speech

(Response: She was fired)

9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I was shocked to see in an article in Haaretz that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) hinted that it did not suspend overseas students who participated in unauthorized demonstrations against Israel for fear that they would be deported from the United States. Instead of fighting the evil of Nazism and anti-Semitism, do you embrace their followers? What message does this send to bad people? What message does this send to Jewish students? I demand the immediate expulsion of anyone who is antiSemitic or violent towards the Jews.

10 ICRC:

You wrote that there are people whose freedom has been taken away and you did not mean the Israeli hostages.

No one's freedom was taken away. Israel arrested several monsters who massacred and murdered tens and hundreds of women. Accusing Israel of robbing them of their freedom is classic victim blaming and rewarding murder and mass slaughter.

Now there are still kidnapped Israeli citizens in Gaza, of which a group are children. Did you sent a similar letter to Hamas? If so, I would love to receive a copy. You did not even manage to give the hostages much needed medication brought to you by their families.


How is it possible that your reporters or photographers wereat the scene of the horrific massacre and instead of trying to prevent the massacre or report it to the rescue forces, participated and documented the horrific events. It is shocking. Would your photographer have accompanied a photo-op with Hitler? I demand immediately that every journalist or photographer who took part in the terrible massacre be dismissed

12. Rotary

Your deafening silence and your refusal to condemn the terrible massacre and demand the return of all the hostages is an eternal disgrace.

This is only a sample of letters send by Betsalmo. But dear reader, if you have read this far, you realize that there are many more letters that could and should be written. So why not start?