UN General Assembly (archive)
UN General Assembly (archive)Amir Levy/Flash 90

The UN Watch organization, which monitors the United Nations, published data on the number of condemnations the United Nations has issued against Israel and other countries since 2015.

According to the report, the UN General Assembly condemned the State of Israel far more than any other nation on Earth, with 141 condemnations against the Jewish State since 2015. Russia was the nation to be condemned the second-most times, largely due to its invasion of Ukraine in 2022, but only received 23 condemnations, one for every seven condemnations of Israel.

Syria, the site of a brutal civil war in which hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions made refugees, in addition to multiple uses of illegal chemical weapons, was condemned just ten times. The United States was condemned nine times, North Korea was condemned eight times, while Myanmar was condemned seven times. Iran, the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, which has brutally cracked down on pro-women's rights demonstrations following the murder of a young woman in police custody who was arrested for allegedly not wearing her hijab correctly, was also condemned just seven times.

A majority of the General Assembly's condemnations have been against Israel, meaning that the world's only Jewish State has been condemned more than the entire rest of the world combined. Just 64 condemnations have been made against countries not named Israel, and Israel has received about 69%, or over two-thirds, of all condemnations by the General Assembly.

Similar results were found in the UN Human Rights Council, which was established in 2006. The UNHRC has condemned Israel 104 times, more than double the 43 times Syria, the second-most condemned nation, has been condemned. North Korea was condemned 16 times, Iran 14 times, Eirtrea 13 times, Russia seven times, Venezuela three times, and Sudan three times.

China, which has cracked down on dissent in Hong Kong and has been committing genocide against the Uyghur Muslim population in Xinjiang, has never been condemned by the Human Rights Council. Other human rights abusers such as Cuba and Turkey have also never been condemned.

The World Health Organization has issued 100% of its condemnations against Israel alone. The Jewish State has been condemned nine times, while no other country has ever been condemned by the WHO.

UN Watch wrote that "by disproportionately focusing on Israel to such an extreme degree, the UN neglects the plight of millions of human rights victims around the world."