Mia Leimberg
Mia LeimbergChaim Goldberg/Flash

Mia Leimberg, a 17-year-old who was taken hostage to Gaza on the morning of October 7 and released as part of the prisoner swap agreement, spoke about her time in captivity, which she spent with her dog, Bella.

"It was quite the journey, for both of us," she said. "They didn't notice her. It was difficult, because you know, all the journey to get there with her, it was an extra four kilos."

"We gave her our leftovers, so she'll eat, and she tried to walk around the place where we were kept and we had to make sure she doesn't start exploring too much. But overall she was a huge help to me. She kept me busy, she was moral support even though she didn't want to be. I'm just so happy that I managed to do this journey with her."

Leimberg added that in her opinion, if Hamas had seen Bella, "they would not have let me keep her. In all honesty."

Physically, she said, "I feel fine. I was also checked in the hospital when I arrived, and I am completely fine. Mentally, well, it was quite a journey and it was a hard experience. Currently I feel - well not okay, but I don't feel traumatized, I don't feel like I can't sleep, but it is a hard experience, it will take quite the while to sink in."