Protesters demand the hostages' release
Protesters demand the hostages' releaseMiriam Alster/Flash90

Iris Chaim, mother of Yotam, a hostage in Gaza, disapproves of the conduct at the war cabinet meeting held on Tuesday in Herzliya.

"We came to get answers from the war cabinet, and after a minute in the room I realized that I had come to a war, a war well managed by interested parties who are taking advantage of the families and trying to put a rift between us and the state," she said.

"People shut me up just because I wanted to express support for the cabinet, they beat people who wanted to express support for the cabinet," she recalled. "There were those who were leading them, shouting and cursing. 'Why did you come here?' they asked someone who said she trusts the state."

"This is how incitement begins. I continue to believe in taking the right path, and I ask you to understand that as the mother of a hostage I am important, but no more than any mother of a soldier who is in Gaza. Our war is with Hamas, not with each other. I say, 'Enough!' to the Abducted and Missing Families Forum. You have already done enough. Release us."

During the meeting, which started two hours late, people were yelling at each other, making harsh accusations, and there were even physical altercations between the participants. One of the claims made at the meeting was that the war does not promote the release of the hostages, so Israel must return to a ceasefire.

At the meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the families’ despair, while clarifying that the possibility of "everyone for everyone" is not realistic. During the meeting, participants yelled at him and at Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and were cursing.

"In the real world there is no possibility of a 'all for all' deal and the threshold demand of Hamas is the possibility of its government’s survival, while it promises that it will do what it did on October 7th again and again. We will not agree, and neither will you," Netanyahu told the participants.

"It is a proven fact that the powerful ground operations are what led to the release of the hostages that we were able to bring home, and these operations are the key to returning the rest."

"We are facing a cruel enemy, who doesn’t care about anything, not even its own people. The cruelest on earth. You also wouldn't want us to reveal our strategy to them, what we say here will eventually come out, you wouldn't want us to reveal how we operate and what we are committed to from our inner souls.”