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Nasser Kanaani, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, has called for a ban on supplying fuel to Israel and said that Tehran has created a special task force in its Foreign Ministry to impose such a ban.

As part of a press conference today, Nasser stated that the current situation shows that 'the Zionist entity' is trying to expand the war after it failed to produce concrete results through its aggression against the Gaza Strip over the last two months.

Nasser said that Israel cannot repair its defeat on Oct. 7, and that the Hamas invasion would lead to further strategic defeats.

He stated that if the American government was thinking clearly, it would stop the 'Zionist war machine', as the continuation of the war will not bring the 'Zionist entity' victory.

He claims that Israel has lost its mask of ethical and democratic conduct, and that it is being seen as a state based on terrorism while the Palestinian people are proving that they will not give in to aggression.

Nasser emphasized the need to ban fuel supplies to Israel, and reiterated that a task force had been established to work with oil-producing countries to set the process in motion.