Sergeant Major (Res.) Neriya Shaer OBM
Sergeant Major (Res.) Neriya Shaer OBMIDF Spokesperson

Sergeant Major (Res.) Neriya Shaer, 36, from Yavneh, fell in battle on Sunday in central Gaza.

Neriya's sister, Hadar, stated: "My dear and beloved brother, the most modest man, a heart of gold, who was full of giving and love for the land. He fought bravely and heroically and fell in battle in Gaza. It is impossible to understand and bear the magnitude of the loss." His sister Sara wrote: "Beloved Neriya, the heart refuses to digest and believe. You were unique and special; our land is saturated with the blood of warriors."

Yavneh Mayor Roei Gabay eulogized his resident: "Tonight, we were notified of the difficult and heart-breaking news of the falling of Sergeant Major (Res.) Neriya Shaer, 36. Neriya OBM, a soldier in Battalion 6655 of the 55th Brigade ("The Tip of the Arrow"), grew up in Yavne and fell yesterday in battle in the Gaza Strip. On my behalf and on behalf of the residents of Yavne, I send condolences to the Shaer family and friends. We will continue to accompany the family and support them."

Neriya will be laid to rest on Monday at 2:00 p.m. at the Yavneh cemetery.