The fire at the illegal waste site
The fire at the illegal waste siteBinyamin Council spokesperson

The Civil Administration is struggling to deal with the fire hazard at pirate garbage sites created by Arabs in Judea and Samaria, the Binyamin Council slammed.

"An illegal Arab waste site near the town of Ateret in Binyamin on Sunday night caused thick smoke, which infiltrated the residents' homes and disturbed their sleep. The smoke continues to suffocate the town this morning as well," the Council said.

Binyamin Council head Israel Ganz and his deputy turned to the Civil Administration, demanding that the matter be urgently dealt with and that the smoke surrounding Ateret and the area be suppressed.

"This is a systemic hazard which stems from the abandonment on the ground," Ganz said. "Unfortunately, the Civil Administration does not do enough, and the results harm the health of our residents and the health of the residents of central Israel. The incinerators are operating this morning in additional locations in Binyamin. This is a serious hazard which has a direct connection to security - because governance and security go hand-in-hand."

Michal Levi, a resident of Ateret, shared, "We can't breathe. Even in the homes and educational institutions. Even the smoke detectors in the homes are beeping. It's not normal. This waste site near us is burning at a low level for many months already, without being properly dealt with. Since yesterday during the day, the fire at the waste site has grown a lot, and the town of Ateret is filled with heavy smoke."

The Binyamin Council also added that many residents have reported headaches, dizziness, heavy coughing, and burning eyes. The Council added, "Despite repeated requests to the Civil Administration for significant enforcement, the Administration is not doing its job in a sufficient fashion."

"The smell is insufferable and the concern for health great," said resident Yael Finnish. "The entire night I couldn't function and couldn't breathe. The entire house was beeping the whole night long, because of the smoke detectors, and the heavy smell was stressful. It's unthinkable that in the year 2023 we need to suffer hazards which harm our health."