Yonatan Samerano
Yonatan SameranoCourtesy of the family

For 58 days, the family of Yonatan Mordechai Samerano, 21, held on to hope that he was still alive.

Samerano, a resident of Tel Aviv, was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists from the music festival at Re'im and taken to Gaza.

On Sunday night, his family was informed that he was murdered by the terror organization during his time in captivity.

The family has announced that a ceremony to mourn and bid farewell will be held at 7:00p.m. in Tel Aviv.

On October 7, Samerano escaped the music festival with a few friends, reaching the area near Kibbutz Be'eri. He was shot by terrorists and kidnapped to Gaza.

On October 8, his mother told Ynet, "They were three friends, they said that there were rockets and that they were coming home. At some point we saw a video clip that showed Yonatan kidnapped. His two friends were identified and brought for burial."