SGT Nathaniel Young
SGT Nathaniel YoungIDF Spokesperson

Two years ago, SGT Nathaniel Young told his parents that he decided to immigrate to Israel from Britain and enlist in the IDF, just as his brothers Daniel and Elliot and his sister Gaby did.

Before enlisting, he worked as a DJ, and in the military, he was considered an exemplary soldier in the Golani Brigade's 13th Battalion. On October 7th, Young set out with his fellow soldiers to fight Hamas terrorists near Zikim and fell in battle. Thousands heeded the family's call and came to pay their final respects at his funeral in Jerusalem.

Yedioth Ahronoth reported that following the week-long mourning period, after being embraced by the people of Israel, Nathaniel's parents, Shantel and Nicky, decided to make aliyah and continue on their son's path.

"We always thought of immigrating to Israel, and therefore, a few months ago, we began the process of aliyah with the Jewish Agency, but we still hadn't realized the dream to make aliyah. Nathaniel very much wanted us to move to Israel, and he waited for us to come. We didn't get to reunite with him in Israel before he fell in battle, but now we are fulfilling his will and are immigrating to the country that he so much loved and protected with his body," his parents said.

"We need to be in the place where our son is, in the country that he fought for. Nathaniel realized his dream to protect the State of Israel with bravery and determination. We are all so proud of him and miss him so," they added.

Jewish Agency Chairman Doron Almog, who assisted the family, added: "Nathaniel is a hero who protected the country that he loved so much with his body. His inner strength and that of his family and their love for the State of Israel are a light in these dark days. His family tied its future to the future of the state of Israel, and we are here to accompany and support them. Welcome home."