The scene of the attack in Jerusalem
The scene of the attack in JerusalemChannel 13

The Border Police officer, who was the first to realize that Yuval Kastelman was not a terrorist at the scene of the shooting attack in Jerusalem last week, described the incident to Channel 13.

"I shouted, 'Hold fire.' He threw his wallet 2.5 meters. I opened the wallet and said: 'Wow, an Israeli,'” the soldier recounted.

Earlier, the IDF spokesman published a statement regarding the circumstances of Kastelman ’s death. "The IDF expresses sorrow for the death of Yuval Doron Kastelman, who acted with courage and heroism, pursued contact, and eliminated terrorists in the attack in Jerusalem. A reserve duty soldier, who is suspected of shooting Yuval, was initially interrogated on the event. The soldier was not in the unit over the weekend and arrived today for questioning under caution by the investigating military police," the army said.

They also said that "another soldier on regular duty who was involved in the incident and was also involved in the shooting was injured during the incident and was referred for medical treatment. The soldier is also being questioned under caution."

A horrifying photo was circulated on social media of Kastelman charging at the terrorists who murdered three people on Thursday in an attack in Jerusalem and was accidentally shot by reserve soldiers.

Kastelman not not only took off his coat and raised his hands but also threw his wallet at the soldiers, begging them to look at his ID card and see that he was Jewish. "Look at my ID card, I'm Jewish," Kastelman said, but they continued to shoot at him. He was fatally wounded and taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead many hours later.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in the afternoon with Yuval's father, expressed his condolences, and promised to investigate what he said at the press conference. He then published an announcement: "Yuval Doron Kastelman is a hero. In an act of supreme heroism, he saved many lives.

Unfortunately, a terrible tragedy happened here. The man who saved others was killed himself. This incident must be thoroughly investigated. I talked with Moshe, Yuval’s father. He was the salt of the earth, a wonderful Zionist family. I and the entire nation mourn with them over the death of their hero."

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir also spoke with the Kastelman 's father. "Yuval Kastelman is a hero. Thanks to using his personal weapon to neutralize the murderous terrorists, many lives were saved. Yuval's heroism proves that civilian weapons on the streets, in the hands of whoever is permitted to carry arms, are critical and save lives. There is no doubt that his tragic death must be fully investigated, professionally and sensitively – and I believe that this is what will be done by the investigating authorities."

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