Shin Bet Director Ronen Bar
Shin Bet Director Ronen BarFlash 90

Shin Bet Director Ronen Bar, in a recording published by Kan 11 on Sunday, addressed, for the first time in his own voice, the failure that led to the October 7th attacks, as well as his intent regarding the leaders of Hamas.

"The cabinet set an objective for us - in the language of the street that is the elimination of Hamas. And we are intent on doing so - this is our Munich. Anywhere: in Gaza, in Judea and Samaria, in Turkey and in Qatar. Anywhere. I will take a few years, but we will be there to do it," Bar said regarding the Hamas leaders, referring to the Mossad assassinations following the Munich massacre and hinting at Israeli intentions to assassinate Hamas leaders after the war.

The Shin Bet Director also mentioned his personal responsibility for not preventing the surprise attack and said that "the security responsibility is ours. Our obligation is to provide security as well as the feeling of security. Unfortunately, on October 7th, we didn't succeed in doing so. I think we are on an upward trend. We aren't waiting. We are already learning our lessons. We are already sending them to the various areas, and not only the Gaza envelope."

"The scope of threats against the State of Israel is unprecedented in the past year. In this case, as well, the main things are hidden. There are a lot of things that are stirring under the surface."