Joe Nahmias
Joe NahmiasCourtesy of the family

This past week Joe Nahmias Z’L, the father of philanthropist and Chairman Commissioner of the Nassau County Bridge Authority, Sam Nahmias, passed away at age 85. He was buried in Israel. He hailed from Morocco but spent most of the first part of his life in Israel. He worked for Israel’s intelligence Services for 23 years. He was best known as Prime Minister Ben Gurion’s Bodyguard. He was wounded with scars to prove it on multiple clandestine operations. He was part of the Israeli Intelligence services that brought the nascent State of Israel into being. Without the bravery and fearlessness of people like Joe Nahmias, Israel would not have become the powerhouse success story that we are all so proud of.

The Nahmias name is well known to the Jewish Scholarly world. Joe Nahmias Z’L namesake is Joseph Nahmias (Joseph Ibn Joseph Ibn Nahmias) a 14th century Jewish Scholar of Toledo, Castille best known for his work (“The Light of the World”), and his commentaries on Chumash, Pirkei Avot, and Proverbs.

Joe Nahmias Z’L lived in Mexico in the latter part of his life where he ran a successful Electronics business. His family was involved and highly influential in the Politics of Mexico.

His son, Samuel Nahmias is the Chaiman and COO of StudyLogic which is a global market research and business intelligence firm. It is listed as one of Fortune 1000 companies. It provides cutting edge and comprehensive understanding of business trends.

He is Executive Chairman of the Israel Heritage Foundation, and a member of the Board of HALB.

His father inspired him to great achievement and success.

Photo of Sam Nahmias, son of Joe Nahmias Z’L with wife Monica , Congressman Anth
Photo of Sam Nahmias, son of Joe Nahmias Z’L with wife Monica , Congressman AnthCourtesy

May the Nahmias family know of no further sorrow and be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim.