Survivor tells Arnold Schwarzenegger about the atrocitiesCourtesy

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger met in Los Angeles, California, with the families of hostages held in Gaza. Rabbi Marvin Hier, president of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, attended the emotional meeting.

The families presented Schwarzenegger with a symbolic dog-tag necklace engraved with the words, "BRING THEM HOME - NOW."

Presenting the families with a bronze eagle bust, Schwarzenegger explained the eagle is "something that's flying high, soaring high."

He added, "The interesting thing about it is that the eagle can only fly with the wind. And so today, what I’m saying is let the rest of the world be the wind for the Jewish people and the Israeli people to make them fly high."

"I always want to be there for the Jewish people and for Israel," Schwarzenegger stressed. "I am a big friend of the Jewish people and Israel."