Hostages being freed
Hostages being freedFlash 90

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday night that Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend the temporary truce in Gaza for an eighth day.

Egyptian officials cited in the report said that the deal is expected to involve the release of another 10 hostages, mostly women and children.

The report has not yet been confirmed by Israel.

Despite the reports on the extension of the ceasefire, sirens sounded shortly before 5:45 a.m. in Sderot and in other communities near the Gaza border.

The IDF said that the Iron Dome system successfully intercepted one rocket that was fired from the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, Channel 12 News reported that Israel has thus far not received from Hamas a list of hostages who will be released on Friday.

The report added that Israel expects to receive a new list via Qatari mediators overnight, which contains the names of 10 women, and is giving an ultimatum: “We have zero tolerance. If Hamas tries to put bodies or people who are not in the category on the list - we will resume the fighting.”

On Thursday, Hamas released eight more hostages, after the ceasefire agreement was extended for another day.

The hostages who were freed in Thursday’s group are: Nili Margalit (41), Shani Goren (29), Ilana Gritzewsky (30), Sapir Cohen (29), Aisha Alziadana (17), Bilal Alziadana (18), Mia Schem (21) and Amit Soussana (40).

The official announcement on the previous extension of the ceasefire, on Thursday morning, came just 15 minutes before it was set to expire.

Thursday’s list of hostages included eight women and children instead of ten, after Hamas claimed that the two Russian-Israelis released as a gesture to Russian President Vladimir Putin the previous day were part of the deal.