Mia Schem and her family
Mia Schem and her familyCourtesy

Vivian Hadar, aunt of Mia Schem who was freed from Hamas captivity on Thursday, said that Mia had her injured hand operated on by a veterinarian.

"She was traumatized, she is weak and thin. She was operated on by a veterinarian in Gaza, they did not give her physical therapy. Her hand is very yellow, she gave herself some kind of hand massages because she knew it was necessary," said Hadar.

She added, "I didn't ask her questions, I didn't interrogate her, I saw when we started asking her questions that it was difficult for her."

Schem she was kidnapped from the Supernova music festival in Re’im and appeared several days later in a video published by Hamas.

"I am just asking that they return me quickly to my family, to my parents, to my brothers," Schem said in the video.

"Please get us out of here as soon as possible. Please," she added. In the video it was also revealed that she injured her hand.