Hamas terrorists after handing hostages over to the Red Cross
Hamas terrorists after handing hostages over to the Red CrossFlash 90

Brothers Or and Yagil Yaakov, who were held hostage by Hamas, exposed the terrorists' violence and barbarism against them while in captivity.

Or and Yagil's uncle, Yaniv, said during a meeting with foreign ministers in Europe that his nephews were branded on their legs by what would appear to be an intentional burn by the exhaust of a vehicle, so if they managed to escape their captors, they would be able to identify them, Channel 12 reported on Thursday.

The uncle also revealed that the boys were drugged and moved from place to place several times: "We got the boys back, the two boys were released, and they told us stories of what they experienced in Gaza, terrifying stories," he stated.

"One example that shocked me is that every child that Hamas took was taken on a motorcycle, and they took each child and put their leg in front of the exhaust pipe, which caused a burn, to mark the children, so that in case they ran away or fled, they could find them."