John Kirby
John KirbyREUTERS/Jim Bourg

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby on Thursday discussed the current situation in Israel, including the hostage deal between Hamas and the murderous shooting attack in Jerusalem.

"The humanitarian pause over the first six days has seen more than 100 hostages released and returned to their families and a significant surge in humanitarian assistance into Gaza. Several hundred trucks over the past week, which is important," Kirby stated, adding that the US will continue to work to extend the pause as much as possible.

Regarding the chances of an extension, he said that he "just can't tell you that right now. I can tell you that we're working on it literally by the hour to see if we can get this seventh day turned into an eighth, ninth, and tenth, and beyond." He added that, at the moment, they are glad that they got a seventh day.

Regarding the shooting attack that claimed the lives of three Israelis in Jerusalem earlier in the day, Kirby stated: "We, obviously, condemn this terror attack, this heinous violence. Just another example of the kind of threat the Israeli people and the Israeli nation are under by Hamas."