Ahed Tamimi in prison
Ahed Tamimi in prisonIPS Spokesperson

The Israel Prisons Service on Thursday published photos of Palestinian Arab activist Ahed Tamimi from prison after she was released on Wednesday and claimed to the Palestinian Arab media that Israeli guards abuse the female prisoners.

The IPS published a picture of Tamimi smiling in prison and wrote: "Attached are original photos of the detainee from her prison cell. The pictures show her smiling and being in a good mood, contrary to the false allegations that she made in order to serve false Palestinian propaganda and damage the reputation of the State of Israel."

It added: "It is absolutely clear that she was detained according to the basic prison conditions that male and female prisoners are entitled to. In the attached video, you can see the moment she was released from Ofer prison and handed over to the Red Cross team."

The IPS concluded by disproving Tamimi's claims: "We stress that her accusations are completely false and baseless. The Prison Service's personnel will continue to work professionally to protect the citizens of the State of Israel."

After her release as part of the hostage deal with Hamas, Tamimi claimed that she left behind 30 Palestinian female prisoners in Israeli prison who are being abused daily.

According to her, "They don't have food or medication, and they have nowhere to sleep. They sleep on the floor. There are also ten prisoners who were arrested recently in Gaza. They left their children. Their situation was very bad, and occupation forces hit them."

She added that the IPS threatened her not to talk and told her that they would kill her father, who is in prison if she did.

Tamimi was arrested three weeks ago over serious online incitement against the IDF and over her calls for the murder of Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria.

In a post on her Instagram account a week earlier, Tamimi wrote, "Our message to the settlers - we are waiting for you in all the cities of the West Bank, from Hebron to Jenin. We will slaughter you, and you will say that what Hitler did to you was a joke. We will drink your blood and eat your skulls. Come on, we're waiting for you."