Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman
Rabbi Elimelech WassermanAnshel Beck, Forum Belz Pnimi

One of those murdered in the shooting attack in Jerusalem has been confirmed to have been hasidic rabbi and rabbinic judge Elimelech Wasserman.

He was among the most important figures in the Belz hasidic community, and a member of the Ashdod Rabbinical Court. Members of his family say that he was on his way to the court when he was murdered by terrorists at a bus stop in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Wasserman studied in the Vizhnitz Yeshiva in Haifa, and after his marriage, pursued ordination as a rabbinical judge in the Harry Fischel Institute in Jerusalem, where he was ordained by Rabbi Yosef Cohen as well as the Chief Rabbinate of Israel 28 years ago. He is the father-in-law of Rabbi Asher Freund.

He served as a judge in the Monetary Court in Jerusalem, and was one of the most learned of the judges, with great experience in both instruction and ruling on cases, and had considerable knowledge of the Talmud and authorities in the Jewish law.

Rabbi Wasserman is survived by sons, daughters, and many descendants who follow in his path.

The President of the Great Rabbinical Court and the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, eulogized Rabbi Wasserman, saying: "I mourn the murder of the judge and sage Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman, who was murdered by villains this morning in Jerusalem. Rabbi Wasserman was a rare scholar, and even after he retired he insisted on continuing his work for those seeking ordination as rabbinical judges. The rabbinical courts will miss his grandeur and outpouring of good and kindness."

Religious Affairs Minister Michael Malkieli (Shas) eulogized him as well: "It was with tremendous shock and grief that I received word of the villainous murder of the sage and judge Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman while he was on his way to the court in Ashdod. Rabbi Wasserman, one of the most experienced and important judges in the rabbinical court system, served the people of Israel for many years with great dedication, and greeted everyone happily."