Scene of Jerusalem shooting attack
Scene of Jerusalem shooting attackArutz Sheva

The terrorists who carried out a Thursday morning shooting attack in Jerusalem have in the past served jail time, after being convicted of acts of terror.

The shooting attack, which took place at the entrance to Jerusalem, left three people dead and seven others injured.

The terrorists, who were eliminated shortly after they began firing at civilians waiting at a bus stop, have been identified as Jerusalem Arabs.

One of the terrorists has been named as Morad Namer, 38 years old and a resident of Jerusalem. Namer was jailed between the years 2010-2020, for intention to carry out terror attacks directed by Gaza. He is affiliated with Hamas.

The second terrorist was named as Ibrahim Namer, Morad's 30-year-old brother, who is also a resident of Jerusalem and affiliated with Hamas. He served time in 2014, for terror activities.