Hamas tunnel in Gaza
Hamas tunnel in GazaIDF Spokesperson's Unit

A Thai national who was freed from Hamas captivity testified in recent days before the IDF and officials of the Population and Immigration Authority about what he went through during the days when he was in the hands of Hamas terrorists.

"The compound we were in was quite large. I would walk back and forth there, counting steps to pass the time. Every now and then they would put us in a smaller cell, like solitary confinement," the Thai citizen said, as quoted by Channel 12 News.

"We ate little, one pita a day. Sometimes there were cans of tuna that were divided among four people, sometimes with a piece of cheese. Only one time, in 50 days of captivity, were we allowed to shower," he added.

He pointed out that the Jewish hostages were harassed by Hamas terrorists more than the foreigners. "I was with Israelis, and there were guards all the time. The Jews who were with me were treated more harshly. Sometimes they were beaten with electric cables."

19 Thai citizens were kidnapped on October 7 from towns located near Israel’s border with Gaza, most of them working in agriculture who came to Israel with a work visa.

The report joins previous reports by freed hostages about deplorable conditions they suffered under Hamas captivity, including denial of showers and starvation.