Forces in Jenin
Forces in JeninIDF Spokesperson

During an operation in the Jenin "Refugee" Camp, YAMAM counter-terrorism officers eliminated the commander of the Jenin Battalion, Mohammed Zubeidi, the nephew of the terrorist Zakaria Zubeidi. During the operation, four terrorists were eliminated, and five were wounded.

Zubeidi, a Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative, one of the central terrorists in the Jenin camp, was involved in extensive terror activity and carried out shooting attacks as well as promoted additional attacks through various frameworks.

He was involved in the shooting attack on May 30th at the Hermesh Junction in which Meir Tamari was murdered and additional terror attacks in the area several days before in which an Israeli civilian and four IDF soldiers were wounded. Investigations incriminated Zubeidi in being involved in the supply of vehicles for terror attacks and sending terrorists.

The YAMAM officers surrounded the building in which Zubeidi hid together with additional terrorists and opened fire on it. After searching the building, they found two terrorists who were eliminated, Mohammed Zubeidi and Hosam Hanoun, and with them three M-16 assault rifles and clips.

In addition, during the operation, 17 suspects were arrested, and while searching for weapons, the forces found and seized seven weapons, improvised explosives, ammunition, and military equipment.

During the operations, exchanges of fire developed, and explosives were thrown at the soldiers who returned fire and hit the terrorists.