Yossi Fuchs
Yossi FuchsYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Cabinet Secretary Yossi Fuchs on Wednesday said that any reports on ending the war in exchange for the return of all the hostages are "fake news."

"I will give you a rule of thumb during these tense days, on how to differentiate news from fake news," Fuchs wrote. "Any news on a hostage release deal that leads to ending the war or a prolonged ceasefire = fake news."

Earlier, Hamas official Osama Hamadan told Al Arabiya, "There is a possibility to extend the ceasefire by additional days, in two aspects: The humanitarian aspect, which includes the release of as many prisoners as possible, and also the political aspect, which is connected to the way by which we can end this war and remove the siege on the Gaza Strip. Both of these aspects are far from being to our satisfaction."

He added that at the present time, conditions are not yet ripe for discourse on the release of Israeli soldiers, for whom the agreement will be "at a completely different price than what we had until now."

"With this, we open the door to deal with the consequences of what happened and bring about an end to a swap deal, which includes all of the prisoners," he said.