Releasing hostages
Releasing hostagesFlash 90

Joshua Zarka, Deputy Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and designated for the position of Israel's ambassador to France, said in an interview Wednesday morning that Israel will settle accounts with Qatar as well.

"We will settle accounts with Qatar, which played a large role in accommodating Hamas and legitimizing its activities. When this conflict has been resolved, we will settle accounts with them," he told Galei Zahal.

He added: "We will chase after anyone who was on the side of Hamas."

Earlier, Zarka said: "The political activity against Hamas in embassies around the world began long before October 7th and we initiated the demand for Hamas to be declared a terrorist organization in a large number of countries, before October 7th."

On the economic aspect, he said: "Immediately after October 7th we gave various countries proof that Hamas is a terrorist organization – both to isolate them and prevent them being legitimized, but also to prevent Hamas from getting their hands on money that finances their activities."

Zarka’s statements were received with fierce criticism on social media: "It's an excellent idea to threaten the most significant agent in the negotiations for the release of the hostages, before they have all been returned home. Truly an art of diplomacy and strategic foreign policy," one user wrote.

Another wrote: "What kind of strategy is it to reveal your plans. What is this?"

Strategic analyst, Shmuel Meir, wrote: "Israel’s designated Ambassador to France speaks 'propaganda,' not diplomacy. This will pass when he reaches his post in Paris."