IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari
IDF Spokesperson Daniel HagariAvshalom Sassoni/Flash 90

IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari spoke in his daily statement on Tuesday evening about the hostages that are still being held by Hamas in Gaza.

“This evening too, we do not, even for a moment, forget the children, the women and the men, that are still being held by the Hamas terror organization in Gaza. Today, we heard the horrifying testimonies of how Eitan, twelve years old, was forced by terrorists to watch videos of atrocities and was beaten by terrorists. He is only twelve. Eitan’s testimony demonstrates that Hamas is a cruel terror organization that does not allow the Red Cross to check the condition of the hostages. It is an international humanitarian moral duty to demand that the Red Cross fulfils its responsibility,” he said.

“We will do everything, everything, to bring all the hostages home - whether during the operational pause or through continued fighting,” stressed Hagari.

On the violations of the ceasefire by Hamas, he said, “This afternoon, three IEDs were detonated at two different locations in the northern Gaza Strip. In one of the instances our forces were also fired upon. Our forces returned fire towards the origins of the fire. This is terror activity which violates the rules of the operational pause.”

“If any of our enemies think, or may think, that this is their moment of opportunity - they are wrong. The safety of our forces comes first. We are highly prepared on our operational lines and any attempt to harm our forces will be met with very heavy fire and will be met with determination. At any given moment, we will do the right thing for the security of the State of Israel, serving the goals of the war in the best possible way.”

“The IDF is utilizing the operational pause to strengthen our preparations and to approve battle plans for continuation of the war. Today, the IDF is prepared for continued fighting,” said Hagari.

On the news that was cleared for publication on Tuesday, that Hamas is holding the bodies of three soldiers in Gaza, he said, “Today, we notified the families of three IDF fallen soldiers kidnapped by Hamas, of their deaths. The three fallen soldiers fell during the battles on October 7 and were kidnapped by Hamas into Gaza. Their deaths were confirmed after examining all the evidence we had and after receiving additional reliable evidence. At this point, on behalf of the IDF commanders and servicepeople, I want to send condolences to the bereaved families. Our hearts are with you in the hard hours and we will continue to accompany you during the hard times.”