Chief of Staff with Gaza Brigade
Chief of Staff with Gaza BrigadeIDF Spokesperson

A political official says this evening (Tuesday) that there are currently no serious talks about extending the ceasefire beyond the 10 days defined by the cabinet and approved by the government.

"If there is a concrete proposal, it will be brought up for discussion in the cabinet and the government, but at the moment there is no such thing. If there is a significant proposal - we will consider it. We will not allow a terrorist organization to mess around with us," said the source.

The agreement signed a week ago included a four day pause and another six days subject to the release of ten hostages each day.

The head of the Mossad is in Qatar today discussing the possibility of expanding the agreement in such a way that youngsters over the age of 19, elderly fathers and the bodies will also be released from captivity.

Hamas wants to end the war and this is the price tag they will set for a comprehensive deal, but Israel is not ready to consider such a possibility at all and the government is unanimous that the fighting in Gaza must continue.

On the other hand, political sources say that a significant deal is possible which will include the release of terrorists who have murdered Jews and are imprisoned in Israel – some of them for many years.