Red Cross vehicle near Rafah Crossing
Red Cross vehicle near Rafah CrossingREUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa

Hamas perpetrated one of the worst evils civilization has seen since the Holocaust and now is trying to show their humanity (of which we know they are totally lacking) by releasing kidnapped women and children.

It is purely for public consumption and media attention. It is a cruel game they are playing. Nefarious Hamas is once again trying to win the psychological war as well as the battle on the ground.

It is only because Israeli Defense Forces are actually making significant strides that Hamas actually started releasing more than 2 hostages at a time which is what they did in the first three weeks of the war before the ground attack. Israel has to continue its operations into South Gaza in order to have a shot at freeing the remaining 200 hostages.

Hamas grossly underestimated Israel’s response to the murder, mutilation, baby beheadings, rape and burning alive of Israeli innocent citizens on October 7th. They know fully well the desperation and anguish they have caused by their taking of hostages. They planned to take men, women and especially children to inflict the most pain on Israeli society. They also knew that hostages would be their bargaining chips for their own survival.

What they did not count on is that the release of 50 hostages will not stop Israel’s advance. The fact that there are 200 hostages remaining in Hamas’s hands gives Israel more incentive than ever to move forward.

It also keeps President Biden and Secretary Blinken in the fight. If Hamas would release all of the hostages it is highly unlikely President Biden would let Israel do much in Southern Gaza. That is not the case at the moment. The hostage crisis has taken on a whole new meaning in this war. Even though Israel is fully justified to crush Hamas because of the slaughter and atrocities they committed, in the end the hostage crisis will determine how long this administration will back the War.

Of course, President Biden will try to delay Israel from attacking Southern Gaza with the excuse that he is using diplomacy to get the remaining hostages out. It is the same reasoning that prevented Israel from a ground invasion sooner than three weeks after the Hamas massacre.

Israel could have caught Hamas on the run had it started the ground attack sooner. Diplomacy to try to get as many hostages out held up the works. Israel cannot make this mistake a second time. The best hope for the hostages is Israel continuing to be victorious over an implacable foe. President Biden has to let the IDF do its job. If Israel wins America wins.

Hamas continues to play its cruel and wicked game of barbaric murder on one hand and hostage-taking on the other. It is already showing signs that it is backfiring. Israel has to continue its ground invasion. It is working. I look forward to the day when all of the hostages are freed.