We have been busy from morning until the late hours of the night, tirelessly working to support our soldiers who are stationed at the borders and in need of assistance with food, clothing, cigarettes, and more... And most importantly, to boost their morale in the terrifying situation they find themselves in, where none of them knows if they will return or not, and they are willing to give their lives for our sake

Without your help, we will not be able to continue! Please help us.".

Unfortunately, we are facing the closure of all this beauty because the costs are high, and we have already incurred debts of hundreds of thousands of shekels because we could not stop this much-needed project. Every call we received from a family, a military base, or the family of a captive who asked us to come and support and uplift them, we did it, primarily standing by their side without thinking too much about where we would get the funds, simply because it's an emergency, and we couldn't refuse such innocent requests that still flow towards us. Many IDF bases located in the northern and southern borders ask us for a barbecue evening and dancing for the soldiers who have just returned exhausted from Gaza after two weeks of face-to-face combat with the cruelest enemy in the world, and after witnessing the harsh scenes of friends getting killed and injured before their eyes. They need this support; it's not just a show, but a real need for psychological support and an injection of energy that will give them the strength to return to the battlefield stronger and more determined to succeed.

Without your help, we will not be able to continue! Please help us."

Besides the high rental costs of the truck and equipment, there are high expenses for everything else. The truck arrives filled with food, catering equipment, barbecue grills, and everything required for a high-level event for hundreds and thousands of people, field equipment, additional clothing, toys, and surprises that vary from activity to activity. After we empty its contents to set up the event and distribute everything to the families of the captives and the bereaved, this truck turns into a stage with sound equipment, fireworks, musical instruments, and various artists who come with us to entertain the soldiers or the families of the captives and the fallen, to sing for them and boost their morale, which we all need so much in such difficult times!

Right now, this beautiful operation is in danger of closure because we can no longer take out more loans, and we have no way to cover the debt we have incurred.

Without your help, we will not be able to continue! Please help us."