Kfir Bibas in the Daily Telegraph
Kfir Bibas in the Daily TelegraphScreenshot

British newspapers today featured the picture of Kfir Bibas, an infant less than a year old who was captured by Hamas.

Kfir was to have been released, along with three other members of his family, as part of the most recent prisoner exchange. The family has since been informed that their loved ones will not be among the hostages brought back.

Earlier in the war, British papers featured pictures of the children seized as hostages, as well as photos of some of the October 7th massacre victims that had been cleared for publication by the Israeli government.

“32 innocent children snatched by terrorists. This is why Israel must fight evil of Hamas. Bring them home,” the headline read.

The Sun paper published the names and photos of all 32 children and features the stories of some of them.

The British Daily Telegraph newspaper featured a picture posted by the Israeli government of a baby murdered by Hamas terrorists.

The harrowing photo appeared on page 3 of the newspaper on October 13, and its front page featured the text that accompanied the Israeli government’s tweet of the photo: “This is the most difficult image we’ve ever posted. As we are writing this we are shaking. We went back and forth about posting this, but we need each and every one of you to know. This happened.”