Magen David Adom call center
Magen David Adom call centerMagen David Adom

Israelis reported overnight Monday that, starting around 1:30 a.m., the various emergency hotlines of the Israel Police (100), Magen David Adom (101), Fire and Rescue Services (102) and the municipal hotlines (106) were all down.

The malfunction was repaired around 4:30 a.m. The Ministry of Communications updated that the incident is not a cyberattack and was as a result of an engineering fault.

The Israel Police stated that this is a temporary malfunction that is currently being treated, and that an emergency can be reported via SMS or WhatsApp to the following phone number: 052-2020100.

Those who need help from Magen David Adom can call the following phone number: 073-2630400. Alternatively, an SMS or WhatsApp message can be sent to the following phone number: 052-7000101.

Fire and Rescue Services can be contacted via SMS or WhatsApp at the following phone number: 050-5960735.

United Hatzalah said that "due to a fault in Bezeq's communication, the 1221 hotline is not receiving calls". The alternate number is 052-7026730.

ZAKA Tel Aviv said that it is not possible to call the emergency number 1223. In case of emergency, call 058-6503233.