A renovated bomb shelter
A renovated bomb shelterDefense Ministry spokesperson

Israel's Defense Ministry has recently renovated hundreds of bomb shelters in the northern cities of Ma'alot and Nahariya.

The plans for the renovation and upgrade of the bomb shelters are led by the "Magen Tzafon," (Northern Shield) headquarters in the Defense Ministry's Department for Engineering and Construction.

The plan, which was already underway earlier this year, was sped up following Hamas' attack on Israel on October 7, and expanded to include Ashkelon as well, due to the security situation in that city.

Thus far, 160 bomb shelters have been renovated in Ashkelon, 190 in Nahariya, and 40 in Ma'alot. Another 200 bomb shelters in three additional cities are at an advanced stage in the process. The work is being done at an intense pace, and at multiple sites at once.

A total of 229 bomb shelters were renovated in Kiryat Shmonah, and the construction on them was completed several months ago.