Duvi Honig addressing HomeLand Security Event
Duvi Honig addressing HomeLand Security EventOrthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce

Discrimination is a problem that exists in every corner of the world and affects individuals of all ages, races, and genders.

Universities and organizations across the globe have been fighting for non-discrimination and equality for all individuals, including those who fight pathetically for equality in restrooms, absolutely the last problem we need to address on a national scale.

Once the world embraced plastic straws as the biggest challenge to saving the universe it was a big Red Flag for all with sanity who knew then that we are in big trouble. It’s no secret that there are much bigger problems for our elected officials to spend time, energy, resources and taxpayers dollars on.

Another Red Flag is the millions of dollars of lawsuits awarded to those who feel they have suffereed some minor discrimination, sometimes because they weren’t able to use the restroom they "identify" with.

Sadly these small minded idiots turn a blind eye to the barbarism and brutality of Hamas. Is that because it’s too big for their unchallenged brains to comprehend?

The level of terror and violence that was unleashed by Hamas is beyond comprehension, yet many individuals, students, universities, media and organizations who claim to stand against discrimination and oppression are overlooking these atrocities because they cannot relate to such levels of barbarism and mass executions, sadly because it’s so far beyond the level of the plastic straw.

The sheer magnitude and scale of Hamas violence is simply too overwhelming for many to want to try to comprehend, but that does not justify their turning a blind eye and remaining indifferent to the suffering of others while prefering to focus on fighting for Transmen to use women’s restrooms and to eliminate plastic straws to save the planet. Save the planet for who?

It’s time we woke up and understand the focus over restroom access for transgender individuals and plastic dtraws has been allowed to overshadow the larger issues of human rights abuses and barbaric murders committed on 1400 civilians

Sadly, trivial issues are blown out of proportion while larger, more pressing issues are neglected because your regular college student can’t comprehend anything outside his safe spaces and trivially small cases of emotional distress. This is not to say that individual discrimination cases should be dismissed, but that they should not take precedence over more extreme cases of violence and persecution. This is the disconnect University students are taught to live wih..

Education is key!

The lack of Universities condemning atrocities by Hamas is beyond comprehension, explanation or absorbption and is something that must be called out.

Once they begin to teach students how to be in touch with their emotions and how to connect and think with their brain it might awaken their INTELIGENCE.

Universities need to wake up and teach how to recognize the true problems and challenges that exist in the world. It is time to shift focus to the larger, more pressing issues, to be sensitive to much bigger problems and denounce the barbaric murders of Hamas, extend support and compassion to those who are truly suffering and condemn violence.

Only once we come to recognize that Hamas barbarism is bigger the fight against the plastic straw can students comprehend the level of atrocity of Hamas. It is time to put a stop to the dumb and ignorant college students supporting terror.

Duvi Honig is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce