Minister Benny Gantz
Minister Benny GantzChaim Goldberg/Flash90

Chairman of the National Unity party, Minister Benny Gantz, demands to cancel the cabinet meeting that is due to take place tomorrow (Monday) and deal with the amended state budget in light of the war.

In the letter he sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Gantz wrote: "A cabinet meeting is due to be held to deal with, among others, updating the budget frameworks for the 2023 fiscal year and beyond, including the transfer of coalition funds and diverting large amounts for various expenses that are not related to the war or to growth."

Gantz criticized Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich. "My party and I will oppose the distribution of coalition funds or any additional budget that is not related to the war effort or promotes economic growth. Transferring coalition funds and funds to ministerial uses that are not related to the war, as the Minister of Finance wishes to promote these days, will harm Israeli resilience and the existing cohesion in Israeli society."

According to Gantz, "At this time, the entire Israeli society should shoulder the stretcher, and the entire public knows this. It seems fit that the Israeli government also behaves in the same way. We are facing enormous economic and social challenges going forward, as well as a deficit that is expected to grow significantly and affect the economy. At a time like this time, any spare money must go to the needs of the war and there only."

"I repeat my demand to divert all possible coalition resources and funds that have not yet been used up for the 2023 fiscal year and, accordingly, also for the 2024 year, immediately to all needs of the war."

Gantz also threatened that "if the meeting takes place and the budget remains intact, the National Unity party will vote against the proposed budget and will consider its next steps."