Yoav Gallant
Yoav GallantShachar Yurman

Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant on Sunday conducted a situation assessment in Division 210, near Mount Dov, together with the Division’s senior commanders.

Minister Gallant was briefed on the troops’ activities in the eastern area of the Lebanese and Syrian borders, including their efforts in air defense, thwarting firing squads, and exacting a price from Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations.

Upon completing the assessment, Minister Gallant expressed his appreciation to the commanders, soldiers, and reservists for their determined actions in defense of the [northern] communities and in thwarting terror operatives in the area.

Minister Gallant said: "Here, in the Lebanese eastern front, which also looks towards Syria, the forces are doing an excellent job. The result is the injury and elimination of over 100 Hezbollah terrorists and the destruction of dozens of observation posts, warehouses, bunkers, and headquarters. And the retreat of Hezbollah forces from the front, into the depth of the [Lebanese] territory.'

He continued: "These are very impressive results. The combination of all these tactical achievements will translate into a new situation, which will later enable the return of [Israeli] residents [to the northern communities] under completely different conditions than when we started this campaign.

Yesterday, I visited the forces in the Gaza Strip, in the depths of the territory, in order to study the situation and see the results of IDF activities. We have someone to trust - the forces are alert determined, and they have achieved excellent results. Their achievements on the ground created the conditions necessary for the return of hostages over the past days,” said Gallant.

Gallant added, "Every hostage that is brought [home] to the State of Israel is important to us – we will make every possible effort to bring them all home as quickly as possible. We are committed to this – I am personally committed to it.”

“At the same time, the forces are organizing and preparing. Last week, I directed the IDF to prepare for a return to high-intensity combat [in Gaza]. We will return to fight and strike Hamas as soon as the temporary pause (intended for the return of the hostages) ends. We are ready to complete this task, and we will know how to continue operating until the complete destruction of the Hamas [terrorist] organization, and until the return of the hostages to their homes,” concluded Minister Gallant.