Protest against antisemitism, London
Protest against antisemitism, LondonReuters

Thousands came to a rally against antisemitism in London after a series of antisemitic and anti-Israel protests were held in Great Britain.

Among others, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and UK Chief Rabbi Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis are participating in the rally.

The rally is taking place while Britain and other countries around the world are experiencing a dramatic increase in antisemitic attacks following the outbreak of the war in Gaza.

BBC employees, including Jewish staff members, have claimed that they have been banned from attending the march against antisemitism, which has been deemed “contentious.”

The news corporation has informed their employees that they cannot, based on BBC guidelines prohibiting employees from attending any event that is defined as a “controversial march or demonstration, and apparently, BBC employees who wished to participate in pro-Palestinian marches received the same response."

It is estimated that about 12 thousand people are already at the rally, and many more are expected to arrive during the evening, reaching a record 40,000 participants from a spectrum of religious and political backgrounds in support of the British Jewish community.