Hila Rotem
Hila RotemCourtesy of the family

12-year-old Hila Rotem, who was released last night from Hamas captivity without her mother, in violation of the ceasefire deal, says that she was separated from her mother two days before her release.

"Mom was with me the entire period of captivity. Hamas separated us from each other two days before my release. My mother's condition was good. We were together with Emily. Hamas notified us that there was a ceasefire and that they were releasing us," she stated.

Following the hostages' release, residents of Kibbutz Be'eri and the Hostages and Missing Persons Families Forum headquarters noted that Hamas violated the agreement on the prisoner swap by releasing a daughter without her mother.

Hila [Rotem] is returning home without her mother, Ra'aya, who was left behind in Hamas captivity. Three children from two families from Kibbutz Be'eri were torn away from their only remaining parents.

Israel agreed to the release of only 13 hostages and not 14 on Saturday night, even though this involved breaking up a family, contrary to the agreements and promises made by Hamas.

According to Israeli officials, the separation of families was not a breach of the agreement because Hamas claims it cannot find some of the relatives to be released. It proposed alternatives for release, but Israel elected to have the young girl released instead.