Maya Regev being escorted by Hamas terrorists
Maya Regev being escorted by Hamas terroristsHamas

Maya Regev, one of the hostages released by Hamas who required hospital care, is currently in intermediate condition in the Soroka Hospital. Her life is not in danger.

​​​​​ According to the hospital, she was given an initial medical assessment upon arriving in Israel to determine her status and the degree of care she would need.

Mirit Regev, her mother, commented: "I'm happy and excited that Maya is on her way back to us, at the same time, my heart is torn, because my son is still in Gaza and held by Hamas. I am going to hug Maya hard, and not stop until my son and all the other hostages have returned home."

Maya, 21 years old, was abducted from the music festival in Re'im along with her younger brother Itai, 18, who is still in Hamas captivity. A day before the massacre they returned from a three-week vacation with their family in Mexico, and immediately proceeded to the festival with a friend named Omer Shem-Tov, who was kidnapped as well.

Maya called her father and said 'They're shooting at me, it's over, I'm dead'. Her family later recognized Itai, and Omer in a Hamas video in which they were together on a pickup truck. They were separately informed that Maya had also been captured.

The city of Herzliya commented on her release: "We are exceptionally excited that Maya has been released, and will do everything possible to help her fully return to an ordinary and positive life. We will not rest or relent until all the hostages have been returned, soon, and in good health. This is our moral and ethical obligation, and that of the decision-makers in the country."