Shi and Aviad
Shi and AviadCourtesy of the family

IDF troops arrested overnight Saturday, in the Jenin refugee camp, the terrorist who last August murdered Shai Silas Nigreker and his son Aviad in a shooting attack in Huwara.

In addition, the troops located ready-to-use explosives and additional weapons.

Shai and Aviad, a father and son aged 60 and 28, were shot from point blank range at a car wash in Huwara.

A preliminary investigation found that the terrorist arrived on foot at the location, which was not reinforced with extra security, during Shabbat. He entered the car wash where the car of the two was parked.

The terrorist recognized that they were Israelis after hearing them speak Hebrew, fired five bullets at them from point blank range - and fled on foot. The weapon was found nearby.

Several days after the attack, security forces in the Palestinian Arab town of Aqraba, near Shechem (Nablus), mapped out the home of the terrorist, ahead of its demolition.