The hostages released Saturday night
The hostages released Saturday nightHostages and Missing Persons Families Forum headquarters

Thirteen Israelis and four foreigners were released from Hamas captivity Saturday evening.

The first hostages to be released were identified by members of their kibbutz, Kibbutz Be'eri, who were watching the live coverage from their hotel near the Dead Sea.

Sharon Avigdori, 52 years old, is a drama therapist who works with people on the autism spectrum.
She employs endless sensitivity and compassion to reach children on the autism spectrum, working patiently within their world to nurture each child's potential.

Additionally, Sharon mentors therapists and counsels parents of children on the spectrum.

Sharon loves people and animals, and anyone who knows her immediately falls in love with her because it’s impossible to miss her enormous heart.

Sharon was kidnapped with her daughter Noam from Kibbutz Be'eri. Additionally, seven more members of her family were kidnapped and 3 were murdered.

Noam Avigdori, 12 years old, about to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah. She is a cheerful girl who is always surrounded by many friends.

Noam is a member of the Scouts youth movement, a good friend to all, and very funny.

Because of her love for dogs, she would occasionally work as a dog walker for the dogs in the building.

Noam is described as a ray of light for their family, friends, and anyone who meets her and her radiant smile. Bursting with energy and charisma, always caring for others and volunteers whenever possible.

Noam was kidnapped along with her mother Sharon from Kibbutz Be'eri while visiting Sharon’s brother. In addition, 7 more members of her family were kidnapped and 3 were murdered.

Alma Or, 13 years old, is a very pretty girl, a good friend, and a funny kid. She was kidnapped from her home in Kibbutz Be'eri along with her older brother Noam and their father Dror.

Their mother Yonat was murdered. Their older brother Yaheli survived the inferno, as he was at his post in northern Israel where he is doing a year of national service.

Noam Or, 17 years old, kidnapped from his home in Kibbutz Be'eri along with his little sister Alma and their father Dror.

Their mother Yonat was murdered and their older brother Yaheli survived the inferno as he was at his post in northern Israel where he is doing a year of national service.

Emily Hand, 9 years old, from Kibbutz Be'eri, celebrated her birthday last night, Friday, November 24th.

Emily's mother, Liat, passed away from cancer when Emily was only two and a half years old. Despite all the pain, Emily's small family rallied to raise her and be by her side with lots of love, providing security and giving her everything a child her age only needs and wants.

On Saturday, October 7th, Emily was sleeping at her best friend's house when terrorists broke in. Contact with her was lost by the afternoon. After a few days, the family received notice that Emily's body was found but as days passed, the IDF informed the family there was evidence indicating Emily was among the hostages in Gaza. Since then, the family waits for the moment they can hug her again.

Hila Rotem, 13 years old, is a friendly girl with a good heart who could never harm anyone else.

She loves making TikTok videos, eating sushi, and riding her skateboard.

She signed up for a gel polish course and excitedly awaited the start of classes, but her kidnapping abruptly ended that.

In the days before Black Saturday, she vacationed in Korea and Thailand for her uncle's wedding.

Hila managed to escape from her home in Kibbutz Be'eri from which her mother Ra'aya was kidnapped. She succeeded in hiding in the bushes, where she was then found and kidnapped.

Shoshan Haran, 67 years old, an exceptional woman, and the founder of FAIR PLANET - a non-profit organization whose goal is that no child goes hungry.

Shoshan has a PhD in Agronomy. She previously worked in Africa on agricultural projects to improve seed quality and develop advanced cultivation methods to help residents of Ethiopia and Tanzania. In addition to her, 8 members of her family were kidnapped and 3 were murdered (her husband, sister, and brother-in-law).

Adi Shoham, aged 38, resides with her husband and their two children in Ma'ale Tzviya. All four of them were kidnapped together from Kibbutz Be’eri during a visit with 5 other members of the family. Adi is a clinical psychologist, an intelligent and uplifting woman.

Nave Shoham, aged 8, a second-grade student. Nave loves playing soccer and is a fan of Messi. He's an active child and is full of energy. He participates in an extreme climbing class, and enjoys jumping on a trampoline and swimming in the pool with Yahel, his younger sister, who was kidnapped along with him and their parents.

Nave enjoys baking with his mother and eating ice cream and mango, but most of all, he loves the schnitzels his grandmother prepares for him. He, his parents, and his younger sister Yahel were kidnapped together from Kibbutz Be’eri during a holiday visit with five other members of the family.

Yahel Shoham, aged 3, is a cheerful girl who loves to sing and out on acts for the family. She loves listening to music. Yahel has a toy kitchen set and spends many hours playing with it. She loves jumping on the trampoline with her brother Nave. She has many dolls to whom she reads stories and sings.

Yahel loves to goof around with her father and listen to the stories that her mother and her older brother Nave read to her.

She, her parents, and her older brother Nave were kidnapped together from Kibbutz Be’eri during a visit with five other members of the family.

Shiri Weiss, 53 years old, works in Kibbutz Be'eri as an accountant for the agricultural association.

She is very family-oriented and loves spending time at home with her loved ones. Her perpetual concern and caring for her daughters constantly shine through.

She likes being in charge of planning family trips.

Shiri was kidnapped from her home in Kibbutz Be'eri, while her young daughter Noga hid under the bed and witnessed the kidnapping. Her husband Ilan was also kidnapped.

Noga Weiss, 18 years old, loves teaching and working with children. She loves sports and plays volleyball. What Noga enjoys most is spending time with her friends.

Her mother was kidnapped in front of her eyes from their home in Kibbutz Be'eri, as Noga hid under the bed. As the terrorists burned down the house, Noga had trouble breathing and escaped through the window, managing to get away and hide in the bushes until the terrorists reached her too, and kidnapped her. Her father Ilan was also kidnapped.

Maya Regev, 21 years old, is very funny and charismatic.

Maya is athletic and mostly enjoys running and doing yoga.

A resident of Herzliya, she arrived at the Re’im festival together with her brother Itay (18) and their good friend Omer Shem-Tov (both of whom were also kidnapped), just a few hours after landing from Mexico where she vacationed with her family. Itay is still being held hostage by terrorists in Gaza,

On December 28th she is scheduled to fly out on a trip across South America.

Regev was evacuated to Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva to receive medical treatment. The hospital and the Health Ministry said she is in moderate condition and her life is not in danger.