Herzi Halevi
Herzi HaleviYonatan Sindel/Flash90

IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi on Saturday night emphasized that the military echelon intends to return to its attacks on Gaza immediately after the ceasefire ends.

"Yesterday, the first group of women and children returned. Today, in another few hours, I hope that a second group will return. This is an agreement which would not have happened if it were not for the pressure which the entire IDF is levying."

"Each person has done his part in this war. We do not intend, do not want, and are not willing, to stop this effort before we have brought all of the hostages home, because truly, every single one of them is ours, and we have an ethical obligation of the highest priority to bring them home."

Halevi added, "We are utilizing the break we have now in order to learn, we are utilizing it in order to better prepare our abilities and also to rest a little, and we will immediately return, at the end of the ceasefire, to attacking Gaza and coordinating in Gaza. We will do this in order to break apart Hamas, and also in order to create very intense pressure in order to return as many hostages as quickly as possible until the last one is back, and to break apart Hamas."

"We have an obligation to fight, and to endanger our lives in order that they will be able to return and live there in security, and we have hostages who we will do everything in order to bring them home."