This week's Jerusalem Lights podcast examines the connection between the amazing month of Kislev - a time of miracles and dreams, and yet also a time of courage and heroism - and Israel's war against terror, operation "Swords of Iron."

This war is Israel's battle for truth, but as our current weekly Torah portions remind us, we live in a world dominated by the spirit of Esav, a world of lies and deceit. Esav, Lavan, the Greek invaders of the Hanukkah story, and all those who have come against Israel throughout the ages, are all motivated by the same goal: to stop Israel from exposing the truth.

Today there are massive forces aligned that are attempting to drown out the truth of what is going on in Israel. And every person will have to make their own choice about what they believe.

The consequences for all humanity are staggering. Jim Long's scholarly and well-researched book, "Blood Brother: Israel's Ancient Enemy," is an invaluable tool for understanding the Torah's timeless lessons about Yaakov and Esav and its eternal and universal significance. It is available in print edition through Lightcatcher Books at or in digital format on Amazon Kindle.