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Jimmy MillerIsrael National News

Arutz Sheva-Israel National News met Jimmy Miller, whose cousin Shiri's entire family was abducted to Gaza, at "Hostage Square", the public square outside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, where families of hostages held by Hamas have been gathering for the past several weeks.

He spoke about his complex personal feelings during the turbulent times that the families of the hostages are going through.

"The feelings are a bit difficult because yesterday evening we experienced something unsettling, where we had hoped and expected that today we would see at least some of our relatives and other families coming back. We were very disappointed at midnight to find out that it was not going to happen, even though we were instilled with expectations that it was really going to happen," he said, adding that these expectations remain even today and will remain "until I see it with my own eyes, that family members are really coming back, it will make me happy even if it isn’t my relatives."

He added that in the current reality, every little detail could affect Hamas and its decisions, and as such, it is impossible to comment on things until they actually happen.

Regarding the almost non-existent activity of the Red Cross, Jimmy said that it is difficult for him to say this horrifying fact, but in practice "the Red Cross does not work and is non-existent when it comes to matters related to Jewish blood, even though whenever something happens anywhere in the world, medical teams from here leave their families and their jobs, get on planes and go anywhere in the world to provide medical aid. It's very sad that when it comes to Jewish blood, we don't get any help. They simply ignore us completely, even though they know that some of our people there are in serious condition. There are babies and elderly people there who need urgent medical treatments and they just don't do anything about it."

He added that "the same goes for the UN. They didn't do anything related to humanitarian aid or treatments, which is a very big disappointment and I really hope that after the war we will be able to settle the score with them for this. They will have to pay for it in one way or another."

Jimmy's call now to the leaders is, along with an appreciation for their activity, to watch what they say "because every word can endanger this deal and the hostages who are there. They should carefully think about everything they say before they say it."

On the question of how he deals with these days, when his family members are held hostage in Gaza, Jimmy said that it feels like only a few days have passed, and not 48. "We live in crazy stress. There are people in the family who find it difficult to live, breathe and function. We function like robots and do not know what will happen tomorrow. Unfortunately, after two weeks of not knowing, we buried Shiri's parents, Margit and her husband Yossi. For two weeks we did not know what happened to them, we feared for their lives because Margit was seriously ill with Parkinson's, we tried to work with the Red Cross so that it would reach them and give them some kind of treatment and unfortunately, they didn't even survive the road to Gaza and were massacred on the way there. We buried them a month and a day ago. Yesterday was the unveiling. It was very sad to see that. There is a new plot of fresh graves there that weren't there a month ago. Very difficult pictures."

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